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  • New Human

    Oop, there he is, hiding in the brushes, searching for berries. Look at him. He's brand new.

    Check out our nice new advert created by the very talented Sam Krispstifski over at Curious Films.

  • Slide

    Hey Sal, why don't you show us that thing. Yea Sal, show us that thing. ParrotDog Beer. Nice.

    The original ParrotDog Beer ad. Congrats.

  • Two Headed Dog PosterPoster

    Sydney Craft Beer Week & Two Headed Dog

    Sydney Craft Beer Week has started. It’s one of largest beer weeks on the Australian calendar and we’ll be involved in a

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  • rare-news-ruru

    Can you hear the Ruru?

    7.7% ABV Black IPA A fitting tribute to a nocturnal creature, this ale is near-black with a strong and lingering

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  • poster

    Beervana – The ‘Nice’ road to and the main event.

    This week marks the biggest week on the Wellington beer calendar with Beervana and its precursor event The Road to Beervana.

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  • rare-news-tieke

    Tīeke has landed

    It wasn’t too long ago, at least in geological and biological terms, that Tīeke flitted through the trees alongside Tūī

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  • rare-news-puffinus

    Announcing the Puffinus Huttoni

    5.1% ABV – Boysenberry Sour In 1965, Kaikoura, legend told of a vagrant seabird colony high in the snowy mountains.

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  • boys

    Champion Small International Brewery

    Last night we went to the 2015 ‘Australian International Beer Awards’ in Melbourne and we were stoked to walk away with

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  • rare-news-01

    Kakapo released into the Wild

    6.9% ABV – Wet-Hopped IPL A pale malt base steeped over an abundance of fresh, wet, NZ hop flowers (Cascade +

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  • pand-news-01


    4.8% ABV – Pilsner Crisp, hoppy ’new world’ style pilsner with a smooth malt body. We’ve got a new one

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  • double-stout-news

    DoubleStout (Two Birds Collaboration)

    Double Stout, 9.2% ABV Big, black and deceivingly smooth.   It might seem like quite an interesting time to launch

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  • summer-news

    ParrotDog Summer Sessions

    ParrotDog Brewery will be open to the public as an on-licenced venue for the very first time this summer. The

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  • gifts

    ParrotDog Gift Pack

    Here’s a neat present option for those last minute shoppers… Get 2x 285ml glasses, a $20 brewery shop voucher, a

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  • jurassic-news

    Jurassic Pale Ale

    The dinosaur community was recently divided over discoveries that the almighty tyrannosaur may have been a scavenger covered in feathers.

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  • awards


    We had a bit of an unbelievable haul at the 2014 Brewers’ Guild of New Zealand Beer Awards this year: US

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