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ParrotDog BitterBitch (IPA, 5.8% ABV)

An aggressive, tropical New Zealand-hopped aroma gives way to a rich, copper coloured malt base and a huge, lingering bitterness to finish. In an ode to its ancestors, we’ve used all English malts in the grist and a bold English bittering hop in the boil.

A hop-filled IPA with a solid malt backbone.

ParrotDog Bloodhound (Red Ale, 6.3% ABV)

A grassy New Zealand-hopped aroma featuring hints of roasted malt is supported by a full-bodied, red coloured malt base and a pleasant New Zealand-hopped bitterness to round off.

A big, malty red ale uplifted with generous amounts of hops.

ParrotDog DeadCanary (Pale Ale, 5.3% ABV)

A refreshingly fruity New Zealand-hopped aroma lies upon a golden coloured English malt base and culminates in a smooth New Zealand-hopped bitterness.

An easy-drinking pale ale, showcasing both malt and hops in even-handed amounts.

ParrotDog FlaxenFeather (Blonde Ale, 4.7% ABV)

A zesty New Zealand-hopped aroma precedes a pale, flaxen coloured malt base and a quenching New Zealand-hopped bitterness in the tail.

A refreshingly local take on a classic style.

ParrotDog Dogg (Dark Mild Ale, 3.9% ABV)

A roasty aroma featuring hints of chocolate and coffee sets the scene for this dark, English-style ‘session’ ale. A number of different specialty malts are used in the grist, whilst the hops take the back seat in this part of our range.

An easy drinking dark ale where malt has its turn to shine.

ParrotDog OrangeChocolate (Stout, 5.8% ABV)

Produced especially for this year’s Beervana ‘Festive Brew’ category, this new one-off stout was brewed with a liberal amount of hand-grated orange zest and the very finest Ghanian cacao nibs sourced from the local Whittaker’s chocolate factory in Porirua. The result is a smooth, dark chocolate stout featuring balanced citrus notes.

*Currently unavailable

ParrotDog Sleuthhound (Scotch Ale, 6.1% ABV)

‘Sleuthhound’ was an old Scottish term for a bloodhound, though it seems that there were actually slight differences between the two dogs. It’s fitting then that Sleuthhound was originally the home-brewed beer that Bloodhound was derived from, with it featuring a different yeast, different hops and also a touch of peat-smokedmalt. The result is a rich, fruity and full-bodied red ale featuring a hint of smoke.

*Limited release available now!

ParrotDog ScareCrow (American Wheat Ale, 4.0% ABV)

A citrusy American hop aroma sets the scene for our latest seasonal release. A 50% wheat base gives this beer a tart and juicy light body before a quenching American-hopped bitterness develops in the finish.

*Currently unavailable

ParrotDog PitBull (US IPA, 7.0% ABV)

How quickly and easily America forgets its heroes. Owned by three American presidents and given the highest military honours of any other breed, the American Pit Bull Terrier is a very misunderstood dog. It was even used at America’s canine military mascot during the First World War. However, it’s own extreme power and aggressiveness – which ultimately led to its much less-than-favourable status in today’s society – cannot be underestimated.

And neither can this beer. PitBull has a huge, pungent American-hopped aroma that leaps out of an equally sized rich, golden malt base. The finish is very bitter. This is our most aggressive beer yet in terms of malt, hop and alcohol levels – you’ve been warned!

*Next release coming soon!

BloodyDingo (Imperial Red IPA, 7.7% ABV)

*Next release coming soon!

ParrotDog Otis (Oatmeal Stout, 6.3% ABV)

Brewed with a generous lashing of rolled oats in the mash to achieve a silky smooth body, this deep black winter-warmer is perfect to sip on during these chilly evenings.

*Limited release available now!

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