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Parrotdog Brewing Limited

Parrotdog brewing Limited is a widely held private company, the result of completing two successful public crowdfunding equity raises in 2016 and 2017 via the platform


Our share register is managed by Computershare. Our shareholders are able to log into the Computershare ‘Investor Centre’ to view and manage their own share portfolio. Through the Investor Centre shareholders are able to confirm their total holdings, update their contact details, such as email and postal address, and facilitate off-market transfers.


To help match up our current shareholders wishing to sell with prospective shareholders wishing to purchase,
Parrotdog has engaged the share matching service ShareMart.

ShareMart is an electronic order matching system.
Trades can be submitted either through the online buy/sell order form or by telephone 0800 50 50 06.
ShareMart’s trained staff will be able to advise you of the price at which the last sale of
Parrotdog shares was affected and the range of current offers and bids. This information can also be found HERE. 
All calls will be recorded for training and information purposes.


You may accept an existing offer or bid or leave your offer/bid to be matched later.
Offers and bids are matched electronically and both parties are then notified of the details by email.
The transaction is completed by the buyer making a direct credit payment and emailing their completed buy form and the
seller emailing their completed sell form. The buyer and seller are both charged a small brokerage fee for this service.

For a full breakdown of the company details please visit the New Zealand Companies Office, Companies Register here.

Information & Resources

Shareholder benefits

Part ownership in Parrotdog
VIP Discount card | 10% discount on all beer and merchandise through:
       - Online store
       - Nice. Takeaway cellar door
Complimentary birthday pint at Parrotdog Bar
Invitation to the Annual General Meeting

Part ownership in Parrotdog
All rewards gathered from Package A, plus:
VIP Discount card
           - 10% discount on beer & food at Parrotdog Bar
Use of personalised shareholder's handle, when drinking at Parrotdog Bar

shareholder communications

All shareholders are sent special shareholder's correspondence via the ‘Shareholder Gazette’ newsletter. This is emailed to all shareholders on a monthly basis.

This correspondence discusses the performance of the business, outlining upcoming plans and advising of special shareholder related content and preferential purchasing before products are released to the public.

If you are a prospective shareholder and would like to view the most recent shareholder communication to be as informed as the current shareholders please email and we will get this information to you as soon as possible.

For any other prospective shareholder related queries please also email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We look forward to welcoming new shareholders onto the Parrotdog team.

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