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Black IPA

7.7% ABV - alc./vol.

A fitting tribute to a nocturnal creature, this ale is near-black with a strong and lingering undercurrent of American hops.

The soft and signature song of the Ruru — later heard as “Morepork” by Pākehā — calls out at night all over these islands, from the forests to the suburbs, and gently assures us that all is well.

Ruru is the watcher in the woods, sentinel of the spirits. Able to fly silently from perch to perch and swivel its neck like a searchlight, turning three-quarters around, its gleaming golden eyes scour the darkness.

Those eyes have been with us for generations: they inspired the vigilant pāua-accented gaze of marae carvings and the intense pūkana stare of haka and waiata.

If we are fortunate, and we are worthy, Ruru will watch over us for a long time yet — and hopefully only rarely need to sound its less familiar piercing shriek to warn of ill omen.

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