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Wet-Hopped India Pale Lager

6.9% ABV - alc./vol.

It is 1975, Fiordland, an area once lauded as the Kākāpō gardens, a lone male is booming in his bowl. His name is Richard Henry.

The fat, flightless parrot seems a sensible type. He only booms when there are enough berries to feed on and he meticulously keeps his bowl tidy supposing a lady answers his call. There are plenty berries this year and Richard calls tirelessly night after nocturnal night. The imminent extinction of his species hangs on his every call. Alas, no reply.

His sensory whiskers rustle in the breeze; beady eyes focussed, hopeful and luminous in the moonlight. The strange and ancient owl parrot was once credited with the power to tell the future. And maybe he can.

With a population today of 126, Richard Henry helped bring these birds back from extinction. In homage; we’ve brewed one that is just as particular, elusive and green. A wet hopped IPL made with fresh Motueka and Cascade hop flowers. There is only a small opportunity to brew these. The flowers are harvested, shipped across the Strait that night and must be used the next day. Keep watch for the debut RareBird: Kākāpō

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