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The Brewery


We haven’t really planned on anything, except from the beginning we just wanted to make beer that tasted real good. In fact our originals: BitterBitch, Bloodhound, FlaxenFeather, DeadCanary and Dogg – remain a solid foundation for our ethos as we keep adding interesting characters, with strange and sharp ideas, to our collection.

We’re about making good beer proper, not an obscure beverage.

The brewery, located in the middle of Wellington NZ, a place where people like to go out, that cultivates style and originality in its very atmosphere – is right at home.

The combination of authenticity and quirk makes things quite unique, here. But at the end of the day, ParrotDog is and means to be; beer that we enjoy drinking – and we like that.

It’s an unprecedentedly excellent time to drink beer and we’re happy to be here making it; just. real. nice.

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